What we are and what we do?

IELA-Dublin is a premium study, cultural immersion, host family and guardianship provider for overseas students in Ireland. Run by parents for parents who want to send their children to Ireland, we deliver a unique homestay placement and unrivalled personal guardianship service to students under our care.

But that’s not all. With our cultural and mini-stay programmes for children or adults, provision of French and Spanish lessons (grinds) for Irish students and our premium Spain homestay and language exchange programme, IELA-Dublin is all you need for the ultimate cultural and learning combination experience.


IELA-Dublin are there for you every step of the way!

Emer Curran

Meet the team

We understand what a vital role guardianship plays in taking care of students who are a long way from home. It is an important decision for parents to select the most appropriate organisation and family to take responsibility for the care of their child....read more

Nicky Rudd

Friendly and professional approach

Our friendly and professional approach, high-quality host family homestay service and commitment to the safety and happiness of our students are all dedicated to ensuring that our visiting students enjoy a wonderful and successful experience of life in Ireland...read more

Our location

Located in the heart of Sutton & Howth villages, beautiful and prestigious coastal suburbs of North Dublin, just 20 minutes from Dublin Airport

We are also only 20 minutes by train and 30 minutes by bus from Dublin City Centre and all the attractions this world-famous city can offer...read more


Why Child Guardianship?

At IELA-Dublin, we aim to fulfil both parent and student needs for our student guardianship service. We don’t just help our students with ordinary stuff, we take an avid interest in everything they do and every aspect of their schooling as well as the essentials, like travel arrangements or visits to the Doctor/Dentist!...read more

Our testimonials speak for themselves

Living and studying Ireland was an unforgettable experience for me. When I was coming to visit my new home in Dublin I was kind of scared. I had no idea what kind of people I was about to meet. I remember that I definitely made a good first impression and got complimented with regard to my level of English. I enjoyed meeting my host parents. They were very positive and open to me which helped me settle in. Sometime after I started to feel like home. I never had trouble in communicating with my host parents which made my stay even better. I was always straightforward with them and they were as well. Emma and Mark always cared for me and I really felt like I was a part of their family. They looked after me If I had struggles in school and helped me to sort out my problems. Emma was always in direct contact with my mother! She also aided my family in preparing the necessary documents for Visa which was very nice. Overall, I enjoyed my stay with this family very much! I miss them a lot. As of today, I am very grateful that they were my parents! I know that I am always welcomed in their house. I will never forget about everything that they gave me and will always remember those days!

Vlad, Russia – Sutton Park School

IELA was the agency chosen for our son to study 6th year and Leaving Certificate in Ireland, and it was a total success. High professional standards of management and kindness shown during the stay, a perfect combination. Included in its service all formalities necessary to start the school and the airport transfer in all his trips. A very close to the school hosting and a high quality house in a quiet residential area made our son to feel like home, less than half an hour from the centre of Dublin by bus. They attend the school appointments, which make easier the decisions to taking with the subjects related to leaving cert. It has been wonderful to have Emer and Nicky to our side. They are more than an agency. They are two involved women getting everything working in a more manageable way. 

Zaragoza - Nacho