High School – Boarding – Extended Guardianship Service

Boarding school in Ireland & IELA premium extended guardianship

Students attending Boarding School have the support of IELA for the duration of their stay.   From purchasing books, uniform, visa applications, transfers to/from airport, liaison with school on student’s progress, feedback at parent/teacher meetings; management of contingency fund; regular catch up with student….


  • We personally meet and greet each student when they arrive and ensure students are settled into their Boarding School
  • We provide ONLY high-quality host family accommodation for mid-term or exodus.
  • We liaise between students, parents and school on all issues, social and academic.
  • We ALWAYS attend parent/teacher meetings for all our students and transcribe teacher’s comments for parents/agents.
  • We regularly meet students for a cup of coffee, a pizza, to ensure all is going well.
  • We accompany all non-EU students for Visa applications/GNIB/Re-entry visas/SCHENGEN visa applications…….etc
  • We provide an extremely important support and back-up service to our host families and pay premium rates.
  • Assistance in purchasing books and uniform
  • Processing documents as required for state exams.
  • Management of Contingency fund.
  • IELA-Dublin can arrange translation services to liaise with parents who do not speak English (a charge will apply)
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Let us look after your child whilst they are Boarding School have the support of IELA for the duration of their stay.   From purchasing books, uniform, visa applications, transfers to/from airport, liaison with school on student’s progress, feedback at parent/teacher meetings; management of contingency fund; regular catch up with student…



IELA-Dublin Guardianship Service

Among the many services we provide at IELA-Dublin, our Guardianship programme for exchange students is one of the most important. Here you can find everything you need to know about what a guardianship service is, why we believe our service is so special, and information about all of the packages we provide so you can choose the best option for your child’s stay in Ireland.

What is a guardian?

A guardian is a responsible adult who has been specially chosen by the parents of a student to represent them to care for their son or daughter while that child is living and studying in another country. This level of responsibility extends beyond academic care and includes every aspect of a students’ life when they are living abroad: something which is often called pastoral care. At IELA-Dublin, a guardianship service means becoming your child’s Irish family.

Is it a legal requirement to have a guardian for my child when they are studying in Ireland?

No. The requirement for a guardian above the age of 16 is usually a school requirement, rather than something required by the law in Ireland.

However, if your child is going to attend an independent school in this country you will be required to select a guardian so that a responsible adult is always accountable for your child, whether that is in school time, during school holidays, or in the rare case of any emergencies such as illness or when there is a need for school disciplinary action.

While it may not be the case that a guardian is required by law, in our many years of experience as a guardianship service provider to hundreds of youngsters who have visited Ireland from other countries, this is quite simply an arrangement which maximises their enjoyment while in Ireland, and adds the invaluable bonus of providing peace of mind to parents and families back home.

Can we select a family friend or a host family to be my child’s guardian?

Although you may have family friends living in the country within which your child is studying, is it realistic that they are able to take full responsibility of your child at any moment? Similarly, most host families are unprepared to accept the high level of commitment being entails.

Please visit our host family section to see the fantastic experiences our Irish homes provide to students, but guardianship is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year role, and for this reason, many schools prefer a professional guardianship company such as IELA-Dublin to be the child’s custodian in Ireland. This is a role we provide with the highest level of dedication imaginable.

Why should we choose IELA-Dublin to be our child’s guardian?

At IELA-Dublin, being a guardian is more than just a job to us, and for this reason we do not limit our service to the basic legal requirements that an official guardian should provide.

Simply speaking, we are parents too, and so we approach this responsibility in the most dedicated way possible…just as any parent would.

In Dublin, we are well-known and highly-respected, and we are the guardian of choice for many of the schools in this area. We have relationships with the schools, sports clubs and institutions all around us, know the Irish education system intimately, and have years of experience, both as guardians of visiting students, and as parents ourselves.

There is no problem that we have not faced and solved together, and what more could you want for your child as they enjoy this wonderful opportunity to come and live and study in our beautiful country?

Why Child Guardianship? 

At IELA-Dublin, we aim to fulfil both parent and student needs for our student guardianship service. We don’t just help our students with ordinary stuff, we take an avid interest in everything they do and every aspect of their schooling as well as the essentials, like travel arrangements or visits to the Doctor/Dentist! 

Is it a requirement for a parent to appoint a temporary guardian? 

Non-EU students living in Ireland who are under the age of 18 years old and whose parents are not resident here must appoint a guardian.

Do all schools insist on a guardian being appointed and why do they do so? 

The majority of Irish day and boarding schools insist that parents living overseas arrange temporary guardianship for their children while they are studying in Ireland. They must have a responsible adult nominated by the parents who will take responsibility for the welfare of the child in times of emergency and also during school holidays when the school is closed.

My child is very mature and responsible – do I really need a guardian? 

No matter how mature your child is they cannot possibly manage to make all arrangements themselves when the school closes. In our opinion students up to the age of 18 really depend on us to help them travel around, offer advice on study and welfare issues and also find them somewhere decent to stay during their half terms.  From a parents’ point of view the guardianship is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that their child is being looked after by somebody with high standards of safety and care in Ireland.

My child will go home during all exerts and half terms so why do I need a guardian? 

A child guardian does not only find safe host family accommodation during holiday times – there is a lot more to it than that. A guardian is a little bit like an insurance policy – there if you need it. At IELA-Dublin we have experience of many cases where we have been invaluable help to parents in an emergency situation.

These have included:

  • bereavement of a family member and immediate travel home arrangements required
  • expulsion of a student and immediate repatriation required
  • suspension of a student for bad behaviour
  • temporary guardianship accommodation
  • emergency visa extension situation resolved

You never know what is going to happen so it is well worth covering all inevitabilities. 

On a personal note:  To me, the answer to Why child guardianship? is easy. On a practical note you need someone here in Dublin to assist you with safe transport, safe accommodation, knowledge about Ireland and the education system here. If you choose a guardianship company like IELA-Dublin you can rest assured we are caring people who you can trust.

The guardianship fee really is a small price to pay for the sort of peace of mind a good guardian like us can offer to parents. We are here to look after your child and keep them safe and sound. 

Do I need a guardian for my child?

Answer: Absolutely yes!